Water Utilities: Chromium VI Monitoring

Tuesday March 22, 2011

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a request for the enhanced monitoring by drinking water utilities for Chromium (VI), which is believed to pose health concerns if consumed over long periods of time.  Enhanced monitoring guidance is available at the following location:    http://water.epa.gov/drink/info/chromium/guidance.cfm.

Though monitoring and testing for Chromium (VI) is not required, the “Agency strongly encourages water systems to consider the following recommendations and to determine how your system might enhance drinking water monitoring for chromium-6.”  US EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has also indicated “it is likely that EPA will tighten drinking water standards to address the health risks posed by Cr(VI).”

 Have Questions/Need Help?

If you have questions on how Chromium VI monitoring or limitations may impact your public water supply, contact CEI regulatory experts Don Larson or Brady Dryer at 800-289-1177 or by email at dlarson@contactcei.com or bdryer@contactcei.com.